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The term rigger is a complex one since it refers to a profession in several industries dating back to the days of sailing ships. Riggers were responsible for raising and maintaining the complex system of sails. Today, riggers in Melbourne refer to people who set up large pieces of equipment and prepare them for use. Moving industrial equipment requires more than a forklift which is why professional riggers are essential. Regardless of the size of your project, Crane Tech is a local rigging business that possesses the necessary equipment and skills to assist you. You can’t trust this process with a random contractor as the rigging team must have a deep understanding of the gear, the scope of the project, correct safety procedures, and permit and zoning requirements.

What You Need to Know About Rigging Companies in Melbourne

If you’re in the manufacturing and construction industries, you’ll understand the purpose of a rigging service. When you have to move enormous objects such as heavy machinery, shipping containers or even houses, you require a professional rigging company. We’ve set out a few essential facts about rigging to assist you in making better decisions when recruiting a rigger for your project.

  • A rigging company must provide a couple of services – moving loads and operating cranes. The load moving section of the operation handles the staging, calculating and initial setup – they essentially initiate the rigging process. Crane operators are crucial to lift the necessary equipment and safely place the objects into its final position. You may discover that some companies focus on specific aspects of a rigging service, but it’s in your best interest to hire a provider that offers a complete service.
  • As you can imagine, lifting heavy objects is a difficult task which you shouldn’t take lightly. The rigging company must possess specific equipment and knowledgeable human resources to navigate each project safely. Different loads require various types of gear. Depending on the weight of the items you wish to move, it’s best to identify a rigging company that has a wide variety of equipment and offers a degree of versatility. Before you agree to hire a rigging service, ensure that their capabilities are a match for your project.
  • Because rigging involves heavy machinery, the possibility of an accident occurring on-site is always high. For this reason, safety is one of the major concerns for rigging companies. It won’t hurt to find out if the rigger you’re about to hire follows the necessary safety protocols and standards for equipment inspection, overhead and ground clearance and the security of the load. Furthermore, ensure that the personnel have the appropriate qualifications and training to carry out their duties.

Questions You Should Ask Crane Tech Regarding a Rigging Service in Melbourne

Whenever your project requires the movement of massive objects or building construction, you’d need to hire a reputable Melbourne rigging business. Before you collaborate with a rigging operation, consider asking them these questions to ensure a smooth partnership.

  • How much would it cost to hire you? Since you’re a business owner yourself, expenses are always a consideration as it affects the bottom line. Naturally, the price of hiring external services is crucial and sticking to budget is vital. However, we don’t recommend finalising your decision solely on price. When you think about the machinery you’re hiring as well as how critical it is for you to move your large loads safely, you can’t afford to take a risk because a company is cheap.
  • How often do they inspect their equipment? Safety is a primary concern in every working environment. Since you may have staff present, it’s your responsibility to find out from the rigging operation how often they service their equipment. To have peace of mind, you should enquire about processes they employ to verify that the gear has met specific standards and is entirely compliant. Having this knowledge allows you to trust the rigging company to deliver a safe service.
  • Will you conduct on-site maintenance if there’s a breakdown? Ultimately, rigging companies will do their best to provide you with adequate gear; however, keep in mind that machines undergo constant wear and tear. Furthermore, there could be a break in an element that can render the equipment useless. If you’re in the middle of the project, you’ll need some assurance from the company that they have a contingency plan in place. They can either offer on-site repairs on the gear or call in a replacement to keep your project alive.

Interesting Facts About Melbourne Riggers

Typically, riggers use cranes to complete the job. You can expect a rigging company to work in teams as there are several factors to ensure they provide a safe service. In almost every city around the world, you’ll find cranes dotting the skylines. It’s an indication of development and progress in these locations. These are some interesting facts about rigging in Melbourne, especially cranes.

  • When you think of rigging equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is a crane. The ancient Greeks built the first-ever crane in 500BC, which was primitive and made of wood with either humans or animals powering the structure. The Greeks used these cranes to construct beautiful buildings such as the Parthenon. During the Middle Ages, they added a Jib, which allowed the crane’s arm to move horizontally and vertically. Following this development, cranes became useful at the harbour to unload cargo from ships.
  • Cranes relied on human and animal power until the middle of the nineteenth century. The invention of the steam engine provided a way to power this rigging machine via a motor. With time and continuous efforts to improve life, internal combustion engines and electric motors became responsible for powering cranes towards the end of the nineteenth century. Hence, cranes feature steel instead of wood as in the old days.
  • The largest crane is the Sarens Giant Crane which we also refer to as ‘Big Carl’. We witnessed the introduction of this crane in 2015 with its maximum lift capacity of 5,000 tonnes, the main boom configuration of 118 to 160.5-metres and a heavy-duty jib configuration of 40.5 to 99.5-metres. It has a maximum height of 250-metres and a radius of 275-metres. The strongest mobile crane comes from Liebherr in Switzerland. It has a maximum lift capacity of 1,200 tonnes with a hoisting height of 188-metres. Its radius can cover the length of a football field.

Benefits of Hiring Melbourne Rigging Service

Melbourne rigging companies are crucial in the construction sector. They provide equipment that is necessary to complete individual projects safely. When you hire us as your Melbourne rigging company, you can expect to enjoy these benefits.

  • Workers on a site have limits they can’t exceed. However, a crane is ideal for lifting heavy items swiftly. As a result, you increase the project’s efficiency, which can translate to a faster completion time and savings on labour.
  • The experience you obtain when you collaborate with us is priceless. Even though you hire our gear, our knowledge and advice can help achieve your goals. Furthermore, we know the safety requirements on-site and operate the equipment correctly, eradicating unnecessary expenses, delays, and dangers.
  • When you outsource the rigging equipment to a third-party, you can enjoy the gear’s efficiency without the investment. There’s no need to save capital to purchase a crane, and as a result, you’re not responsible for the maintenance of the machine. If there is a breakdown on-site, we have a technician on hand to get you up and running quickly.

About Crane Tech

We’re in the 15th year of our business, and we’ve got this far by delivering exceptional results every time. We have one of the most extensive crane fleets around Melbourne, ranging from 1.2 tonnes to 200 tonnes, including mobile cranes. As a result, there aren’t any projects that are beyond our capabilities.

Since we are a family-owned business, our customer care is an essential factor in our operation. When you collaborate with us, you’re sure to receive our best support. Additionally, we use operational software to manage customer, employee, and job-site compliance.

Contact us for your site requirements and we’ll advise you accordingly.

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